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a book, yes

here. translations, many. uh huh. yes.

baudelaire... baudelaire.. boredom, ennui. hated the shit. like really hated it. do what you want. leave, see the same shit, go... run, running, leave. stay. you know.. keep going...

LINK: The Voyage <--- Summed up better here, multiple translations, for your pleasure. this site is exquisite. baudelaire likes maggots.

man, i love this one (below). he gets all pissed and riled up, jealous that this woman is gettin all the nook while he's hand-empty.. in complete admiration.
note the 'user-gets-used' cycle of nature at the end. he's not completely self-absorbed.

LINK: You Would Take the Whole World to Bed with You. <-- me too

Oh, the pain! 'Infamous bitch to whom I'm bound / Like the convict to his chain.' these translations kick.. read them side by side ---> LINK: The Vampire

When he's not bitchin about bitches, he can get crafty describing the mistreatment, by men, of birds. allusion to the poet aside, though surely the point of this piece, it is a favorite of mine. nice little microcosm of human nature. -----> LINK: The Albatross

LINK: Cain/Abel, more world view.

To end with the beginning, a quote from LINK: To The Reader:

If rape, poison, daggers, arson
Have not yet embroidered with their pleasing designs
The banal canvas of our pitiable lives,
It is because our souls have not enough boldness.

self-perpetuated violence.. jot those down on the to-do list. on second thought, let's end with some warm sentiment:

Neighbouring on the City, I Recall

is someone back on le crack?

good stuff, mang, good stuff.

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