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30 Boxes - Sick little Web-based Calendar App

30 Boxes

Never know where I'm going, always trying to get organized... finally a calendar that I think will help. Why will this one succeed after many failures, both paper and digital?

It's smart as shit. No scrupulous forms. No clicking on crappy little check boxes, scrolling thru lists of dates/years/repeat events/kill myself... just type into the one-line entry bar what makes sense to you, ie:

donate organs 4/14
buy gun april 15
scream tomorrow
buy apple sunday

!!!the fucker is smart enough to know you mean -->this<-- sunday!!!

Don't want to forget that special day your best friend was shit from the womb?
jesus' birthday 12/25 repeat yearly

it'll even ask tell you how old that asshole will turn if you're competent enough to remember his age!

what else, ooh.... it can do a logical span of dates by utilizing a hyphen.. for vacation and such. ok i'm drilling the point. how about.... TEXT MESSAGE REMINDERS! HOLY CRAP! YES! AND FREE! yeah, e-mail reminders, too. woo.

Time for a bullet list!

  • add +yourmom@bunnyranch.com and it'll invite yourmom to said event.

  • it'll give you the weather for the next 5, conveniently in each date box.

  • an asterisk shows up as a shiny yellow star.

  • you can share info, if you like stalkers.

  • you can highlight shit, tag shit, and search shit.

  • it's pretty ugly.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK I'm all over this and you know it! CAN'T HIDE THE LOVE.

make out with 30boxes repeat daily


whatever. check it out.

30 Boxes