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titillating pics of nothing in particular, courtesy of my sweet new digital thang

here ya go mikeboob!

click on thumbs for larger porns

side note:
as I was taking the last pic (with the airoplane, fittingly), The Young Conductor stopped on his tracks, looked at me, looked at my camera, looked out the window, and then back at me, waiting for me to acknowledge him. I didn't. After like 30 seconds of him just standing there feeling like a douchebag, he finally goes,
" you know you can't take pictures on the train..."
"I thought that only applied to subway trains.."
"Nope, It's for the tri-state area"
"uh ok. thanks for PSA."
I turned around to take more pics.
"You're not taking TERRORIST PICTURES, are you?"
"Ok, i just had to ask."
He then walks away.

Yellow alert for Stupidity!