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A month late for halloween

The Devil Visits.

I only remember a few details from the other night.

There’s my Mexican friend, a guy I grew up with.

He is a bit older than I am, maybe by four or five years with a graceful, aged face – possibly from a lifetime of working under the sun.

We haven’t seen each other in a while.

Standing under the shade of a tree, we were having light conversation, jumping from one matter to another, mostly catching up ….

…. “Oh so how’s the wife?’

‘She’s good. We did this thing recently…’

He then tells me about performing the Quatro Salgado with his wife, a ritual performed to summon The Devil, for personal reasons he made unclear. (Maybe I might have completely missed his explanation – with me thinking the whole time, “How could anybody in their right mind deal with the Devil?”)

From what I understood, it’s the type of thing a person does at a time of desperation – for need or want. You make a pact with the devil using a fraction of your soul, to attain, well,the usual slew of shit people ask for – fame, money, power, love, happiness, comfort, whatever. It’s not to be taken lightly, and it’s no I’m-getting-a-ssecond-mortgage-to-put-up-a-deck type shit, this is something else entirely, and is seriously seriously serious.

The conversation went on as casually as it did, subjects changed, but all the while I was like, “Dude, What were you thinking?!”


6:30 am.

I wake up in a cold sweat, creeped the fuck out.

I do mnemonics to keep the words in my head.


Sal. God. Ah. Sal. God. Oh. Salgado… Sagrado? Salgada? FUCK. Which is it??

I turn the lights on.

I fall asleep again.


8:30 am

I wake up.


Did I hear him wrong? Salgado is Portuguese for Salty.

Four Salty doesn’t make much sense, besides he was fucking Mexican.
Sacrado = Sacred (in Spanish)

Four Sacred. That makes sense. But Four Sacred what?

I look it up online and I find this text (loosely translated):
“(of) these Three, locked up in the O, are the Four Sacred one; (of) the Ten are the Arûpa Universe. Later they come the Children, the Seven Combatants, the One, Eighth excluded, and its Blow, that is the Craftsman of the Light.”

From the book "the PRIVATE DOCTRINE" of H.P.Blavatsky

H.P. Blavatsky, it turns out, was a prominent occult figure in the late 1800’s, having published a periodical called Lucifer, a magazine on theosophical (‘theology’ and ‘philosophical’ portmanteau, ghey!) issues with the tag line:

“Designed to ‘bring to light the hidden things of darkness’”


what does this all mean?

Anybody know anyone who knows dreams?

in your dream, did he poo on the scallions?

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